An Independent Montana


Independent Representation

In U.S. Congress


Independent From:

Blind allegiance to any party line or party insider manipulation

Independent From:

Compromise of out-of-state, corporate, or dark-money donations

Independent From:

Self-serving interests of personal or family wealth

How I'll Represent Montana

On the morning of Thursday May 18 I had a very interesting and challenging on-air discussion with Jon King and Peter Christian, hosts of Missoula's conservative talk radio station KGVO.   It was great to have a chance to talk with a my concerned Montana neighbors.  If you'd like to listen to the conversation and get a better understanding of how I intend to serve, listen to it here.

What can You Do?

Speak Out!

On March 1, one year ago, began the most expensive election campaign in Montana history. Let's not let that happen again! 

Collectively we can speak louder with our voices and hands than the corporate-money purchased media. If our Democracy is to be preserved for individual citizens, and not given over to the few wealthy enough to purchase influence, then WE MUST SPEAK without money. I urge all Montanans to refrain from campaign donations to _any_ candidate, and to protect our 1st Amendment right to free speech, by rolling up our sleeves and doing the work of a Government Of The People by speaking out for the candidates and policies you support.  #MoneyIsNotSpeech #NotOneCent


How can we work together for Montana?

Your Input Needed!

The ONLY JOB of Montana's Representative is to REPRESENT, and do to that we must all speak up.   

I will focus on opening lines of communication with all Montanans,
keeping Montanans informed about public policy issues which affect our great state and it's people,
and championing your concerns in Congress.

On your Montana ballot, vote for Doug Campbell, independent voice for the PEOPLE of Montana.

Doug Campbell for Montana US Representative

June 5 - Primary Election | November 6 - General Election