I Love Montana!

Testimonial from a Montana Native

I was born in June 1963 in Bozeman, to Doug Campbell (Sr.) and Margaret (Mimi) McKean Campbell. My dad had an agrarian upbringing on a New Jersey dairy farm which has been in his family since pre-Revolution, and after a tour in the Navy, he finished his degree in Agriculture at Montana State College. My mom came from early immigrant stock in Montana, her maternal family participating in the founding of Livingston, Bozeman, and the historical town of Chimney Rock where they developed a productive coal mining operation. Dad (at age 78) is now running a small ranching operation south of Rapelje; mom and 3 generations of her ancestors are resting in Sunset Hills cemetery in Bozeman.

When dad graduated from MSC he went to work for the Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service, and his post for the first two years was in New Mexico, where I lived from age 4-5. We moved back to Montana and lived in Jordan where I attended grades 1&2, then on to Lewistown for grades 3&4, and finally back to Bozeman where I attended Bozeman Public Schools. I graduated from Bozeman Senior High School at the end of my Junior year in 1980. I attended Montana State University for two years studying Electrical Engineering, and then transferred to Arizona State University's Computer Systems Engineering college, completing my studies in 1985. 

I had always planned to return to Montana, but career opportunities led me on a long and circuitous path on the way back. I worked in various computer and engineering positions, and was fortunate that my employment allowed me to travel much of the country (I have been to every state except Hawaii), and I spent several months to a few years living and working in places such as New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Most of the time was spent in the Phoenix area, where I met my wife and all of my kids were born. 

In 2010, with a new telecommuting job lined up, I moved back to Bozeman at last, and now that I'm home, wild horses will not drag me away again. I travel to work in Houston a couple times each month, where I am the Director of Information Technology for MP2 Energy, a rapidly-growing Electric Energy management and retail operation. The rest of my time is spent here in Bozeman raising the two young boys I still have at home, gardening and enjoying the outdoors with my lovely wife, or helping my dad on his ranch.

Since moving back to Bozeman I have been active in the community, as a member of the choir at St. James Episcopal church since 2011 and recently elected to the church Vestry (board of directors), as a member and officer of Bozeman Masonic Lodge #18, and as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader. I have been on the board of directors for MTI, the company managing the Masonic Lodge building at Main and Tracy, and recently completed a 4-year term as President and Chairman of the board. I spearheaded the recent $2M renovation of that building, which has received multiple awards for design and historic restoration.

I could go on gushing about Montana for a long while, but I'd rather dive in and serve. I feel that Montana needs a leader of integrity, a problem solver, a listener, and above all, a representative of the people of Montana. I am done with seeing Montana policy sullied by outside influence, while the voices of individual Montanans are hushed and our participation in our own government stifled. I truly believe it's time for a fiscally responsible but free-thinking and Independent Representative in US Congress. With your help, I am confident I can be that representative.

For current personal news, you can view my personal Facebook page at http://facebook.com/DBCampbell2/ where I will do my best to make everything publicly visible.

For my professional profile, you can view that on LinkedIn at   linkedin.com/in/doug-campbell-54829a1